Can A Woman Have A Foot Fetish?

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Can A Woman Have A Foot Fetish?

A Foot Fetish from a Female Perspective

“You have a foot fetish? Really?! But you’re a woman…” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard some version of this phrase, I wouldn’t need to be a seller on All Things Worn. Whenever I tell people I’m sexually aroused by feet their first reaction is disbelief, because many people think it’s a fetish for men only.

Well, I’m here to tell you it definitely isn’t.

My Foot Fetish

I realized I had a foot fetish when I was 16-years-old. My first boyfriend and I were very clumsily introducing one another to the world of sex. He always enjoyed massaging my feet during our make-out sessions and, to my surprise, I always got very turned on when he did.

I always liked my feet as a kid. I enjoyed taking care of them, painting my toenails pretty colors, wearing toe rings and anklets and, of course, buying cute shoes. I didn’t think much of it until I started getting hot and heavy with my boyfriend and my feet became the main attraction.

Now I know I have a full-on foot fetish. For me, this manifests in many different ways. I get weak in the knees just thinking about dominating someone and making them worship my feet, licking every centimeter.

I also enjoy rubbing and massaging other people’s feet. And, as a bisexual woman, I get very turned on by other women’s feet, in particular. I love looking at the gorgeous curves and dainty, pedicured toes of other women.

How Common is it For a Woman to Have a Foot Fetish?

Outside of All Things Worn, it seems like foot fetishes are rare and, while they may not be as common as sexual attraction to more standard body parts like breasts and buttocks, they’re not as uncommon as some might think.

MensHealth recently published an article exploring this very subject. The article referenced a study by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, research fellow at the Kinsey Institute. The study surveyed 4,000 people (men and women) about their sexual preferences. Of those 4,000, 5% of heterosexual women, 11% of lesbian and bisexual women, 18% of heterosexual men and 21% of gay and bisexual men reported having sexual fantasies involving feet or toes.

Knowing this, it shouldn’t be surprising there are people selling and buying foot photos and videos, as well as items like used socks and shoes all over the internet (and on ATW of course!).

Talking with Another Female Foot Fetishist

Just as there are a lot of women in the world with foot fetishes, there are others right here on All Things Worn. @VelvetCrush was kind enough to let me ask her questions about her own foot fetish. The first question I had for my fellow foot-loving beauty was how she found out she has the fetish in the first place. It was a fairly recent discovery

“When I joined ATW I was asked to do a foot video. As I imagined someone kissing, licking and sucking them I got really turned on. It escalated from there. I HAD to have it done. And I did,” She explained.

Velvet told me she and her husband have brought foot love into the bedroom and have never been happier, “I want my feet to be loved. I want them to be kissed like one would kiss a mouth. I want my big toe suckled. I want to do things with my feet to my partner. I want him to press his hard penis against my feet.”

Like me, Velvet said her fetish is often met with disbelief, saying, “When clients DM me about anything foot related and I mention it they seem genuinely surprised. It’s too bad it’s not discussed more in relationships.”

That’s one reason Velvet and I are happy there’s a place like All Things Worn where people can indulge their kinks and fetishes and even discover new ones. There is no need to be embarrassed or shy here. You can freely embrace who you are and what you love.

On that note, Velvet and I have some advice for our fellow sellers when it comes to foot-related sales: be yourself.

“If you don’t really get into foot worship, don’t act like you do for a sale. It’s going to show. Sellers don’t need to get on a bandwagon and sell what another person sells. You do you. That’s how you’ll succeed,” Velvet explained. And I couldn’t agree more.

Certainly, embrace your beautiful feet (because yes, all feet are sexy and beautiful!), have a great time taking photos and videos of them in all kinds of positions, shoes and socks. Get those shoes and socks stinky for buyers who live for the pungent smell. But make sure you’re actually enjoying what you’re doing. No, you don’t have to have a full-on fetish as we do, but if you’re having fun and feeling sexy, it will show. (Oh, and feel free to ask for advice about camera angles any time!)

And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that love of shoes you have goes just a little bit deeper. Maybe you’ll be the next person who hears the remark, “You have a foot fetish? Really?!”

Written by one of our previous sellers

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